May 16, 2021

How to choose a color scheme for the exterior of the house

How to choose a color scheme for the exterior of the house 

5 Things not to be used in elevation design 

1.) Never use more different colors 

2.) Never use dim lights 

3.) Don't make elevation too heavy with excess members

4.) Never make elevation without green areas

5.) Don't use colors like an orange on large areas

Importance of green area:-

The green area in the house MAKE THE house a part of nature OR in other words, we can say that it seems to be like a breathing house 

How to choose area were to add green spaces 

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You can see from this image how we had done the landscaping part in a small area the surroundings are made green for more aesthetics  

Elevation/Exterior of a Building:- 

Hi friends, when we listen about architecture first thing that comes to our mind, is the interior and exterior of the building from interior and exterior It means something unique is to be made by an architect.

First of all today topic, I will talk all about contrast with the grey color I hope we all know about color contrast but still I am trying to provide some basic knowledge about color contrast while designing a house first thing that is to be kept in mind if you are not going to pay much for lighting always use dark colors for small areas and light color on the large area it makes a good combination without
extra lighting now in our this building we used  6 colors in this elevation 

1.) Boundary wall 
2.) Grey gate
3.) Wooden texture
4.) Stone in grey tone
5.) White to show the outline 
6.) Dark grey on pillars

1.) Boundary wall:-

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we had tried to make a boundary wall by using three schemes i.e. grey tone with wooden pillars with white outline white color provide emphasis in the grey building and also we had added some part of green area that is landscaping to make building nature friendly and we had used plants which change the environment of that building here we forgot about the gate we had provided a sliding gate for parking and a small gate for entry in the home.

2.) Grey gate:- 

the gate used here is also in grey tone this gate has three types of material 

1.) grey funder max which used in the top rail and bottom rail of the gate 

2.) iron pipes of 1"x1" which will be painted grey by pipe finishes used these days 

3.) at the center steel cuttings are used to provide more attractive 

as we had explained above we are using three materials but the color is still grey of every material.

3.)Wooden texture:-

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for wooden texture material can be used of different types for example:-

Wooden planks

Wooden tile 

Funder max 

PVC sheets

but in our elevation, as shown in the image we had used wooden planks these planks are also said to b as interlocking planks these are used in wooden pillars but on the top, we had used funder max but for this screwed wooden planks are better than this funder max but it's all about clients choice and budget 

4.) Stone cladding:- 
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Now we are coming to the stone cladding here we are using stone which is of grey tone this is the main emphasis of our building  this cladding done is very tough in ancient times but now adhesive has made it very easier we are not recommending any adhesive companies but here are some best adhesive companies visit their site and check about the adhesive.

1.)Pidilite Industries Limited

2.)H.B. Fuller

3.) Arkema Group

5.) White to show the outline:-

white color is best to contrast for grey tone buildings in grey tone building white color provide special attraction towards itself  we here had use white part a very few areas to get some effect as everyone says something different is liked by everyone but if we follow the basic principles of design and some effects with our creative mind or we can say that childish mind which gives the very beautiful product to our design 


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6.) Dark grey on pillars:- 

for making contrast we had used a dark grey tone on smaller parts which are shown in the image we had used dark color on pillars glass railing support 

Elevation member:- 

a steel pipe which is making the shape of v is added as elevation member on the top of the house is the special feature added by us 

here again, we will take reminders about the material used 

1.) Funder max

2.) Steel pipes 

3.) Grey stone 

4.) Glass railings

5.) Tiles


Now what is the main use of lights 

Lights added to house is just like making a body alive without lights, elevation is like nothing and it makes it attractive and cool

Types of lights used in buildings 

Wall washers on three parts of the home 

Gate lights to make feel of home like a king palace 

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 This house will be landscaped in such a way that it seems to be like the building is breathing landscaping should not be done only for looks as it adds up more oxygen to that area so we should plant more and more trees trees like palm tree trees of some fruits and eatables etc. these all things are added up in your day to day life

Thanks for if you like comment your suggestions thanks

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