December 27, 2019

SANGATH(Architect's office and Research centre):-


Site plan of sangath
Site plan of sangath
Sangath means"moving together through participation". It is an architect's office.
Location: Thaltej Road, Ahmedabad 380054
Client: Balkrishna Doshi
Period of construction:1979-1981
Project Engineer: B.S Jethwa, Y Patel
Site Area: 2346 sq.m
Total Built-up Area: 585 sq.m
Project cost: Rs 0.6 million(1981)

Perspective view of sangath
Perspective view of sangath

SANGATH(Architect's office and Research center):-

Section through sangath
Section through sangath
Sangath is a fragment of Doshi's private dream. A microcosm of his intentions and obsessions. Inspired by the earth's hugging forms of Indian vernacular, it also draws upon the vault's suggestions of Le Corbusier. A warren of interiors derived from the traditional Indian city, it is also influenced by sources as diverse as Louis Kahn, Antonio Gaudi, and Alvar Aalto. A work of art stands on its own merits and Sangath possesses that indefinable quality of authenticity. Even local laborers and passing peasants like to come and sit next to it, enjoying the mounds of the water-jars overgrown with creepers.


Site plan of sangath
Site plan of sangath

•No required mechanical heating and cooling
•Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation, and lighting
•Take advantage of natural energy flow
•Maintain the thermal comfort


• Design concerns of climate (temperature or humidity or sunlight)
• Extensive use of vaults.
• Main studio partly below the ground(Sunken)
• Very less use of mechanical instruments.
• Special materials are used resulting in a low-cost building.
• Lot of vegetation and water bodies.
• Continuity of spaces
• Use of a lot of diffused sunlight
• Complete passive design
• Grassy steps that Doshi uses as informal amphitheaters.

Elevation for sangath
Elevation for sangath


3.5 cm Thick RCC
8 cm ceramic fuses
3.5 cm Thick RCC
6 cm Thick Waterproofing
1 cm Thick broken china mosaic finish.
Ceramics are temperature resistant.
Broken china mosaic is an insulative and reflective surface.
Broken china mosaic gives a very good texture.
Water cascades from the fountain into a series of channels glass bricks.
Defused light in the drafting studio.
The whole area is covered with vegetation.
Terracotta pots and sculpture lying in the compound.
The vaults are insulated hollow tiles, finished externally with broken white glazed tiles
Section through sangath
Section through sangath

The finished recycle waste material reflects incident sunlight thus minimizing heat absorption.
A separate point of access to that studio is provided through a basement level entry.
The interior is lit by a combination of North light from glazed ends of the vaults, reflected east light, and direct light caught by the glass.
Section through sangath
Section through sangath

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